The Utoky collection brings together exceptional vehicles that offer excellent investment opportunities.

Utoky relies on a network of international experts to purchase classic vehicles with excellent value-added prospects and sustained global demand for these vehicles, which provides good liquidity for investment. Utoky offers only faultless classic vehicles with low mileage, perfect condition or exceptional historical interest. All vehicles of the Utoky collection are present in its showroom and immediately available.




Invest in the classic car market in Fiat currency (euro, US dollar) or crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum).

By accepting encrypted currencies, Utoky allows you to convert part of your portfolio into tangible and physical assets in a market known for its security and growth.

Take possession of your classic vehicle or entrust it to Utoky until its next resale.

You can take immediate possession of the vehicle you have purchased and Utoky can arrange for its worldwide delivery. But you can also leave it in management, your vehicle being insured and guarded under Utoky's responsibility. A management mandate governs the terms and conditions for storing and disposing of your collection vehicle, but you are always free to interrupt and repossess your vehicle.



Opportunities of investment in progress


Investors' opportunities

The Utoky collection presents excellent investment opportunities in a buoyant market. By accepting encryption-currencies now, Utoky makes your investment easier.